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Migrating a WordPress Site to SiteDistrict

What you need to know about moving your WordPress site to SiteDistrict


Why Migrate to SiteDistrict?

Process Outline

  1. Load a copy onto SiteDistrict
  2. Review
  3. Update DNS

Getting a copy up on SiteDistrict

Importing from Other Hosting

Restoring from a Backup

Excluded Files

Database Normalization

URL Updates

Disabled Plugins

Reviewing Your Site

Visual Comparison

WP Admin testing


Server Cache

Updating DNS

DNS Basics

See DNS Basics page


DNS Provider / nameservers

Caching (Propagation)

CNAME vs. A records

Checking DNS

Don't use propagation checkers

SiteDistrict DNS page - need to link to this in the UI ...

Network tab in browser with Remote Address

Local tools: dig, nslookup



DNS Instructions Dialog

Need a way to show this or pull it back up?

SiteDistrict Records


  • CNAME record for www subdomain
    • TypeCNAME
    • Valueyourdomain.test
  • A record for apex domain / @
    • TypeA
    • Value99.83.157.227
  • SPF Record
Anycast IP Goodness

At this time, all sites on SiteDistrict use the same Anycast IP Address. Using Amazon Web Services' Global Accelerator, this one IP address lets us route requests for your website using Amazon's high speed network to any of our servers in the region closest to your site visitors. These servers, which make up our custom Content Delivery Network, then respond directly to requests if they hold the necessary data in their cache, or pass these requests on to the server where your site is hosted.

TLS / SSL certificate

Automatic Let's Encrypt certs ...

Special Cases

Hacked Site

Broken HTTPS on host

Staging to Live

Common Mistakes

DNS Propagation Checkers

Setting nameservers without zone setup

Not waiting long enough



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