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SITEDISTRICT started in 2014 as a project to take hundreds of WordPress sites spread across multiple cPanel servers, and put them all on one platform built on top of Amazon Web Services, and solve the security and performance problems that were causing sites to become slow or go down on the clients' legacy hosting.

In 2016, after two years in production, we started bringing our WordPress hosting platform to the rest of the world. Since then, we've grown to host thousands of sites, and have built a state-of-the art site management portal that is downright delightful to use.

SITEDISTRICT has now been serving customers for almost 9 years, and we've succeeded in creating one of the best performing, most feature-rich, secure and spam-free, and overall worry-free Managed WordPress hosting platforms in the world.

However you may still not have heard of us. We've never done a lot of high profile marketing. Most of our customers know us personally or have come from word-of-mouth.

With most WordPress hosts, their marketing is better than their actual platform. With online recommendations, quantity beats quality. But at SITEDISTRICT, uncontrolled growth and widespread name recognition have never been a goal. We prioritize better over bigger.

Those who host with us love SITEDISTRICT, but even many of these customers took weeks or months to discover how much they appreciated our platform, as they found one delight after another as they built, managed, and deployed more & more sites onto our platform.

If you're looking for managed WordPress hosting and a relationship with a provider that will "have your back", jump over and read a bit more on our Is SiteDistrict Right For Me? page.

Meet The Team


Matt Kopala

Founder, Software Engineer

Matt leads our product development and support. He is passionate about building products for others that make their lives easier.

Marc Benzakein

Marketing & Customer Happiness

Marc is focused on bringing the SiteDistrict platform to those in search of the WordPress host they've always wanted, but could never find.

Past Contributors

People who have been an invaluable part of SiteDistrict's growth


Anatoliy Kyrychenko

Software Engineer

Anatoliy was responsible for a large amount of the engineering work during SiteDistrict's early years, including the site management portal and the hosting infrastructure.

Caio Tiago Oliveira

Software Engineer

An experienced software engineer, Caio served as our Linux server expert, and assisted our customers by handling support inquiries.

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